MS Dynamics CRM : First Stupid Issue

I’ve just started Learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I know CRM 2011 is out but its certification is not. So I planned on learning CRM 4.0 first so that I can be certified :)

While learning I have just reached Page 1-6 of student manual for Configuration and customization and I am stuck up on an error while creating the user.

I am creating a new user and I’ve entered my data in the textbox and it is giving following error.

So from error it is clear that before adding a user to CRM it should be available in domain :) .

Cool so from above: Simple solution.. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers (in Administrative template). Create a new user, Now in CRM add user with same logon name as that in active directory and BINGO………. It gives the same error :) …..

Ok now add domain infront of logon i.e. / and its a BINGO :) .

Cool simple issue with more than simple resolution, but one question : Why we can’t add any user who are not there in any domain. May be thats too stupid to be a question to ask as if user is not there in AD you can’t authenticate it then it will be an issue with security and BLAH BLAH BLAH …… but still one day I’ll look into this issue : Is it feasible to add users in CRM who are not in active directory and If yes HOW? and if no HOW to make it feasible ?

But right now the highest priority is to learn CRM enough to complete certification (without dumps ofcourse…. other wise I would be sitting in some pub with Beer and not caring about this stupid stuff here )

Ok Forum….. Bbyeeeeee……… will be soon back with other weirdo and stupid issue :D .

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