Windows Phone 7 Emulator Crashed VirtualBox.

Today I noticed something Not so cool for me as I lost almost an hour of work. I was working on something using Virtualbox and in between felt like exploring The Windows Phone 7 development Kit that I recently Installed.

Now what I did was opened Windows Phone 7 Emulator and started playing with it like searched on Bing, Surfed web using its IE, Tried voice search on it etc…

Now I turned to Virtual box to see the code I was working on and There was a Yogi on the screen Informing me that Virtual box crashed and Then an Error message telling that It crashed because one Virtualization Application can be used at a Time.

After Searching on net Found these two discussions saying the same thing.

Crux of above is that you can’t have two Virtualization applications running together as well as you can’t have a virtual application running inside other like Windows phone 7 Emulator inside Virtualbox.

So the Virtual Box Crashed and I lost some work for Trying Windows Phone 7 Development Kit/Emulator.

Nice start in Smartphone apps Development. Lets See where it takes me further.

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