The Cult Wars…

Why are people so obsessed with Apple ????? or let me Rephrase why are people so in love and so afraid of Apple ?????

Every now and then a product is launched that product becomes an “Apple Killer product”.

Creative/Cowon/Microsoft launched a Music Player and you can see bloggers, technology Guru’s, Reviewers start Calling it an iPod killer, then came the Nexus One or Some other High end Phone, recently Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), it became an iPhone killer, and now Amazon has a launched a tab, Kindle Fire, in the Market with price tag $199 and every one is going bonkers calling it a iPad killer

People throughout the world are again in a war where One Cult is “The Apple Lovers”, others being “Anything but Apple”. Why ???? Whats the Reason???? Why every time a Product is launched it is being Compared with Apple????

There is one Simple Reason….. Apple sets a Benchmark every time it launches a Product and People compare every product to that benchmark…. Apple is the defacto standard for measuring the quality of the product. Its not other companies can’t beat Apple but the thing is comparison with Apple tells where a product stands in market.

Keep Comparing products to Apple to measure your standard but never hope to kill Apple because no one can kill Apple as there will always be an Apple in the Society. That might not be the one Created by Steve Jobs but there will be one which will be running on the Same principles, which will be the yardstick of the quality.

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