End of an Era : Will the World be same Again ????

“Steven PaulSteveJobs born on 24th Feb, 1955 died Yesterday 5th Oct, 2011.”

Right now I am not in state to mention how bad I feel and how the world is mourning over the man who had the Vision which changed the world of technology.

The man who visioned that the Computer can be personal and helped hobbyist get a machine they could play with, the man who blended Art and Technology and gave gadgets a persona of their own which made them stand apart from other Gadgets in the world, the man who was dethroned by the people he believed in and created a new new Empire, the man who came back and created a cult, a religion, a different world where people where mesmerized by the things that were not living but still had an “I” effect. He was the Man , he was the iGod, he was Steve Jobs.

And now, when the word “was” is attached with the legend, will the Empire he established be same, will it have the same vision, same class, same uniqueness that was there when the God himself was leading it or will it become one of the other million organizations as it used to be when God was not leading it.

As god himself said
“We are here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Let’s see if the world will see another mortal who will reach to the height of being a God and universe will have more dents or we’ll go back to the age of boring gadgets and not-so-iSome products.


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