New In Visual Studio 2012

Other than the new Look and feel of Visual Studio 2012 which some may like and some may not there have been various other changes.

Many changes like search bars, quick launch etc… are readily visible to the end user others for the performance improvement standpoint are not on UI level but still observable.

Look at given examples, you will find there many features which made their way into the Visual Studio from “Visual Studio Power Tools” and we are glad they made through.

  1. Collapse all is available out of the box.

    The most frustrating part in Visual Studio for large projects was that while if you had various projects in your solution window then opening and closing all those was a pain.

    Now you have a simple collapse all button available which can make the life a lot easier.

  2. Want to Find something that’s there in Project name, Type name, Data member. Just Search in solution explorer.

  3. Scope to this: Sometimes lots of projects in Solution Explorer make life difficult and confusing while working on a project. Now you can keep just one project in scope and focus on it.


    In above scenario you only have one project in focus, like wise you can do for folders as well. To go back to previous state just click little back or home button on top. If you are like me and like shortcuts. Use Ctrl + Left Arrow.

  4. Quick Launch: Speaking on Shortcuts: How would you add a new Project to your solution.

This way? Going to file then add new project

Or this Way? Right clicking on solution and add new project

These are old ways of Life. Try something New.

    Press Ctrl + Q and it will take you to Quick Launch bar on Top left, then start typing what you want to do . Good thing is that it even remembers what you did recently J

  1. As shown above Object Browser can be easily opened using Quick Launch

    And can be used to Navigate through Objects on your projects.

But now forget that as most of the functionality it supports can be done in solution explorer itself and that too in better segregated manner as you can see which object is in which file

  1. Handling many files in Visual Studio has always been challenging, but not anymore.

    You can pin various files together and they will always be first to be displayed In Top bar and you can always go through them quickly.

    Now I’ve opened another web.config but that comes after the pinned files

    The best part is that you can close the solution and reopen it, Pinned files will remember their state.

  2. Navigating through Error in code made easier by filters and search. J

    If you have error while building the solution and you want to filter on a particular document, project etc… life is easier now with little filter on the left.


    In above, Filtering it shows error only on current page I am working on.

    There are many more changes in Visual Studio. May be we’ll discuss those in another post.

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