Self-Hosted Alternative to Google Reader

With Google pulling the plug of my all-time favorite Google App “Google Reader” and people fighting over the right/wrong Google did by stopping the service, it was high time to find a good alternative to Google Reader. After a long search and using multiple different services like Feedly, oldrssreader etc… there was no service that satisfied me.

Closest thing I could find to what I liked was OldRSSReader but it was very slow and had lots of down time. Further it was missing various features that I would love to see in a good Google Reader alternative.

Further search led me to “Tiny Tiny RSS” reader, good thing about it was that I loved it at first usage J so I hosted it on my own server.

Here is, “BemusedMe Reader” the latest alternative available to you all “Google Reader” fans, As of now I’ve limited maximum users as its still is in its alpha stage and I’ll be working on it in my free time and will try to improve it.

Thanks to Andrew Dolgov for this wonderful application.


PS: I don’t have any experience in PHP programming so future updates may be screwed up. Use at your own risk.

In Case you can’t register reach out at, I’ll try to provide you access.

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