CRM 2011 Unsupported Customizations

In CRM 2011 it’s not recommended to have unsupported customizations. But at times there is no way out of that.

Here are some unsupported customizations that I found useful.

  1. If you want to disable the View Picker or say you don’t want users to select any other view in lookup



    document.getElementById(“customerid”).setAttribute(“disableViewPicker“, “1″);


  2. To Hide search box from options


    document.getElementById(“customerid”).setAttribute(“disableQuickFind“, “1″); 



  3. Hide Complete Lookup Browser (Hilighted Part)


    document.getElementById(“customerid”).setAttribute(“_lookupbrowse“, “1″);


  4. Hide New Button on Lookup Form





  5. Changing Default lookup type in “Look for: ” drop down (Here setting to Contact “entity type code = 2” instead of Account)

document.getElementById(“customerid”).setAttribute(“defaulttype“, “2”);

  1. Setting particular lookup type in “Look for: ” drop down (Here setting to Contact “entity type code = 2”)


    document.getElementById(“parentcustomerid”).setAttribute(“lookuptypes“, “2”);


  2. Setting Lookup Type Name

    document.getElementById(“parentcustomerid”).setAttribute(“lookuptypenames“, “contact:2”);


  3. Setting Icon to be displayed in Lookup box (after selecting)

    document.getElementById(“parentcustomerid”).setAttribute(“lookuptypeIcons“, “/_imgs/ico_16_2.gif”);

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