Record in Multiple Queue Error in CRM 2011

While looking at Queue Item Details we were getting Error


“This record is in multiple queues. Go to specific queue to view details.”


On doing the repro steps it was realized that this is the message that we get when a case is reactivated after being closed.

This is because a queue item related to same case is already there in CRM in deactivated state.


To resolve this we wrote a plugin to reactivate the queue item and assign it to a next level queue based on business logic.

Source Code to Reactivate Queue Item (Entity) in CRM 2011

[sourcecode language=”csharp”]

var entityMoniker = localContext.PluginExecutionContext.InputParameters[“EntityMoniker”] as EntityReference;

var incidentid = entityMoniker.Id;

QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression();

query.EntityName = “queueitem”;

query.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet();

query.ColumnSet.Columns.AddRange(new string[] { “statecode”, “statuscode”, “queueitemid” });

query.Criteria = new FilterExpression();

query.Criteria.AddCondition(“objectid”, ConditionOperator.Equal, incidentId);

query.Criteria.AddCondition(“statecode”, ConditionOperator.Equal, 1);

EntityCollection results = serviceContext.RetrieveMultiple(query);

if (results != null && results.Entities != null && results.Entities.Count > 0)


SetStateRequest setQueueItemState = new SetStateRequest();

setQueueItemState.EntityMoniker = new EntityReference(“queueitem”, results.Entities[0].Id);

setQueueItemState.State = new OptionSetValue(0);

setQueueItemState.Status = new OptionSetValue(1);




Repro Screenshots:

  1. Create case:


  1. Add it to queue


  2. Work On


  3. Resolve it

  4. Reactivate it:

  5. Add to queue Again

  6. Try to open queue item details.



    Error Message:

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