Files for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has finally launched the app many Windows Phone 8.1 users were waiting for “Files” File Manager. This is one of the most basic thing that you want to see in an OS and it gives you a sense of control over the data you have with you.

Its a great app and does all basic file manager functions like moving your stuff around, sharing your files with Bluetooth(turn it on before hitting share), One drive etc…

wp_ss_20140601_0002         wp_ss_20140601_0003

What we get is not always sufficient and we always get greedy. So Microsoft it will be great if you can add:

1. File Properties and details.

2. Integration with Microsoft One Drive.

3. Better 3rd party app integration so that user can select which app to use with which file.

If you are on Windows Phone 8.1 Download Files from Microsoft Store by following:

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