End Of Bad Looking Posts with “Windows Live Writer”

It’s been a while since I have been writing blogs and messing around with blogspot, wordpress, moving to a personal hosting and then switching the host as well as the domain name to a new one. I am no hardcore blogger and I post only when I am getting bored and I have got nothing else to do with life. But while going through posts on one such Day I realized that the blogs I have written look really bad (I know they are bad to read as well but the look and feel just kill the motivation to read).


Realization: Blogs look Bad so readers don’t read hence less torture for readers.


Reason: Atleast Make it look a bit better and Writing blog with Word doesn’t help you do proper formatting.


Solution: Use Windows Live Writer as it tells you how your blog will look like with real formatting and also helps you manage blog properly.


Problem: Couldn’t install Windows Live Writer. “Please try installing Windows Live programs again.”


Reason: Who Cares?

Workaround: Download “Windows Live Essentials” and install from there.



** This might be the last bad looking Post. From now on you will have to read the posts I’ll be writing.

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