Azure: Possibilities Unlimited

For some one new to Azure, Azure just means bunch of cloud services provided by Microsoft which hosts some stuff that you can have on your local servers with more flexibility and control. Above definition can be seen analogues to calling Tiger Woods a guy who keeps hitting a ball with a stick.

Today having a Azure subscription is similar to having access to whole stack of Technologies (Microsoft) world has to offer. I have been hosting Couple of Dev VMs and services on azure for personal projects but those were more or less uploaded by me.

Its a surprise that till date I haven’t use any of the services provided by Azure. With launch of VS 14 CTP and not wanting to install it on my system it gave me an opportunity to experience the awesomeness Microsoft Cloud Platform has to offer.

You can simply get VS 14 CTP VM by following Simple Steps.

1. Sign in to Azure Portal.

2. Click new on bottom.


3. Go to Compute > Virtual Machine > From Gallery


4. Visual Studio > Select the version.


5. Follow through Navigation and you should be good to go with your VM up and running in some time.



Above is one of the examples of setting up your services with Azure. You can extend the limit with many non Microsoft technologies ranging from web services/apps like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.. to VM having SharePoint, Biztalk or Linux distros like Ubuntu, Centos, Suse etc…


Hope you are on Cloud 9 after this.

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