New in Dynamics 365: Editable Grid Properties

Few questions I had while thinking about Editable Grid:

  1. Where can I have editable grid?
  • The editable grid control is supported in the homepage grid, form grids and subgrids on the web client, and in dashboards and form grids on the mobile clients.


  1. Once editable grid is enabled, Are we stuck with it forever, Can I switch to Regular grid if required.
  • Points to note:
    • Regular grid is called Read Only Grid,
    • You can Switch between Read-only and Editable grid from Ribbon


  1. What can be done on Editable Grids (other than editing):
  • Group <NEW>
    • The data can be grouped on the Grid view using “Group By” drop down on top of the grid
    • Grouping drop down will display all the fields on the view.


  • Sort


  • Filter <Modified UI Behavior>
    • The filter view you get on the editable grid is more in line with Custom Filter which we have on Read-Only view.


  1. If I migrate from older version of Dynamics CRM will entities support editable grid without any code change?
  • No, as based on the test I did form scripts and Business rules are not working on editable grid. So it might break certain validations.

    Form Level Control

    Editable in GRID : Fields are editable


  1. Can I control the edit behavior and lock these fields using client side scripting
  • Seems possible as editable grid supports certain events, methods and properties which can be used to achieve this. I will cover these in details in a later post.
    • Events Supported
  1. OnRecordSelect – Possibly to be used as OnLoad of record to lock the fields or register other scripts.
  2. OnChange – OnChange of Attribute/Cell property
  3. OnSave – OnSave of record


  • Methods/Properties Supported
  1. GridControl – To get editable grid control by name
  2. Grid – GridControl .getGrid() -> Child properties for this are getRows, getSelectedRows, getTotalRecordCount
  3. GridRow – GridControl.getGrid().getRows()/ GridControl.getGrid().getSelectedRows()
  4. GridRowData – GridControl.getGrid().getRows()[0].getData();
  5. GridEntity – GridRowData.getEntity() -> GridRowData.getEntity().getEntityName(), GridRowData.getEntity().getEntityReference(), GridRowData.getEntity().getId()
  6. GridAttribute – GridRowData.getEntity().getAttribute(“name”) -> GridAttribute.getName(), GridAttribute.getRequiredLevel(), GridAttribute.setRequiredLevel(), GridAttribute.getValue(), GridAttribute.setValue();
  7. GridCell – GridCell.clearNotification(), GridCell.setNotification(), GridCell.getDisabled(),GridAttribute.setDisabled(),GridAttribute.getLabel()


  1. Are Editable fields supported on All Entities and Views
  • On the web client, an entity will support editable grid if all of the following conditions are true:
    • The entity is customizable (IsCustomizable = true)
    • The entity is either refreshed (IsAIRUpdated = true) or a custom entity (IsCustomEntity = true)
    • The entity is not a child entity (IsChildEntity = false)
  • Dynamics 365 mobile client, an entity will support editable grid if the entity can be displayed in the mobile client’s site map.
  • Editable grids do not support roll up associated views (Rollup type = Related).



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