New in Dynamics 365: Areas of Interest for Developers

With the avalanche of new featured with Dynamics 365 there are various new featured which we have been looking into. With many features which are easily visible at UI there are various internal plumbing in Dynamics 365 which will help in making the whole development experience smoother.

Few of the non-UI features that have been introduced in Dynamics 365 are:

  • Dynamics 365 Web API enhancements
  • Define access permissions for modular business apps programmatically <Preview>
  • Use form scripts to add icons with tooltip text for view columns <Preview>
  • New client side APIs for Offline mobile app
  • Client side API for editable grid
  • Capability to get geo location and barcode info in mobile apps.
  • More powerful access to business processes through custom code
    • Enhanced client script
    • Enhanced web api

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