New in Dynamics 365: Web API Enhancements

With Dynamics 365 Microsoft has provided certain enhancements with Dynamics CRM Web API.

It provides you much more flexibility while working with Entity Metadata, Global option sets and relationship definition to retrieve specific records rather than just complete list.


To navigate to Web API reference you can navigate to:


If you do a quick comparison between a Dynamics 365 web api metadata and Dynamics CRM 2016 metadata you will see various difference in both.

Most of those differences are due to new Entities being introduced in Dynamics 365. There are four Entity set path of interest which you will find at end of the JSON file.

Examples of various scenarios which can be used with update web api are:

  • Using EntityDefinitions

    To Get Entity Metadata

    1. For whole organization

2. Or get it by entity logical name’account’)

3. Or Do a filter to get list of all entities meeting criteria (like ismanaged = ‘true’)$filter=IsManaged eq true

4. Or get metadata of all attributes within entity’account’)/Attributes

5. Or get details specifically of one attribute by logical name’account’)/Attributes(LogicalName=’name’)


  • Getting Global Optionset
  1. Complete list of global optionsets

  2. Or get it by Name’purchasetimeframe’)

Note: No filter supported for this.

  • Getting Relationship Definitions
  1. Complete list of relationship schema

  2. Specific Relationship Specifications’account_parent_account’)

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