While working on Portal I was facing caching issue when the state of record was cached and did not reflect the changes done in CRM (but changes done on portal side were reflected fine).


  • New record is submitted from Portal
  •  Entity List Displays the Record
  • Open view record from entity list -> data is as expected.
  • CRM User Logs in, few fields are edited and saved in CRM.
  • Open Entity List  -> Displays old data
  • Change entity list sorting , displays correct data
  • Open Record from entity list -> Displays Old Data

All reference available online seemed to be recommending either to restart the portal,  or enable change tracking for entity which was already selected.


Part 1 

1.  In Dynaimcs 365/CRM Online open the entity definition, and make sure that “Change Tracking” under “Data Services” is selected.

Part 2 

1. In Dynaimcs 365/CRM Online go to Settings -> Solutions

2. Search For WebNotification solution and open it.

3. Under Configuration -> Portal Web Configuration Notification there will be two sections, Changes Ignored and Send Notifications. Entity which is being cached should be in Changes Ignored, Select it and move it to Send Notification.

4. Click Save and Publish.

Restart the Portal 

Note: Also verify that the url in Web Notifications settings is correct. Click on the “Web Notification URL” on Configuration Page. There should be record with Name : “Portal Notification URL” and url (“http(s)://<portalurl>/cache.axd)