Hiding System Views

While working on Dynamics CRM one of the most irritating issue is that System Views are Global and there is no (direct?) way through which you can control them based on User/Security Role/ BU etc…

Till now I have come across 3 different ways you can restrict system views visible to users and you can select which method to use for your need:

1. Using Security role based Views:
This is not an official way of controlling system views but its more or less supported.
For this method there is a tool (which used to be free) called Role Based Views by CRM MVP Debajit Dutta.
You can download free version at codeplex which is available for 2011 and 2013.
For 2015 onwards you can purchase it at XRMForYou.

In principal how this tool works is.
It has plugin written on Retrieve Multiple (of savedquery) and based on configuration you do in the tool, it intercepts the retrieve multiple, checks user security role and decides whether to let user see the view or not.

2. If requirement is not role based and its to hide certain views which were created specifically for Sub-grids.
In few cases we create some system views to display on form sub-grid only, if you want to hide those views in Home screen then simple workaround it “DEACTIVATE” those views.
You will still be able to use those on sub-grid and those will not be visible on home screen and dashboards.
Thanks to OldCat65 for this.

3. You need role based view but don’t want to pay for it.
Option 1: Write your own.
Option 2: Use Apps in Dynamics 365.
Using “Apps” in Dynamics 365 you can create your own site map navigation and define which entities, forms and views are part of app. On the home screen of the App only the views selected within app will be visible.
Bonus, Apps can be restricted based Security Roles.

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