Using Dynamics 365/CRM App Designer (Part 2 of 2)

In previous post we created a basic app and saw how we can control different components within an app.

In this post we will see how to restrict the access to specific app based on user role.

For this:

1.  Go to Settings –> Application –> My Apps

Somehow “My Apps” is not available under CRM default app/sitemap but it is available under others like Sales and Customer Service App.


In case you don’t have it you can navigate to it by path “”

Replace inastancename.crm with your org and region specific path.


2. On all apps (other than default) you can select “Manage Role” under settings and select that app should be visible for which security role.





NOTE: You can’t remove access from “System Administrator” and “System Customizer”


3. In case you want to hide default app of dynamics CRM then

Go to Settings –> Administration –> System Settings

Under General Tab “Set option for Default App: to No.



With above settings relevant apps can be displayed to users and all non relevant apps can be hidden from UI.

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