Renaming Attributes on Entity Form: Dynamics 365 Portal

While working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal one of the requirement we had was to rename certain fields on Portal so that those are more self explanatory to portal users.


To do that for entity form,

  • Go to Entity form Record.
  • Scroll down to “Entity Form Metadata” sub-grid.
Dynamics 365 Entity Form
  • Create a new entity form metadata record of type Attribute and Select the Attribute.
  • Update Label field to display the relevant label on the form.
Dynamics 365 Attribute Metadata


To update label in entity list,

  • Go to entity list record,
  • Scroll down to “Options” tab and “Grid Configuration” section.
  • In “Override Column Attributes” select “Attribute”, key in “Display Name”, put column width in pixel (percentage was not working for me).
Dynamics 365 entity list

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