Online Management API : Introduction

Microsoft recently released Online Management API for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) instances.

This can be used to automate the process for which we typically required Office 365 Global Admin to Log in to Admin Center and manually slog.

With help of this now we can now go ahead and fulfill our ALM and CI dreams right from setting up a new instance (and going ahead with deploying solutions to those instances using Dynamics CRM metadata calls).


Certain key processes which can be automated through Online Management API are:

  • Creating a new Dynamics 365 Instance
  • Retrieving Instance as well as Information about instances
  • Deleting an Instance
  • Taking a Backup (of instance)
  • Retrieving Backup
  • Restoring Backup
  • Retrieving the Templates i.e. Sales, Customer Service, Field Service etc…
  • Retrieve Currency, Languages supported by Instance.
  • Retrieve operation statuses (which have been Triggered)
  • Update Admin Mode setting of instance so that its not available to users.


Along with above Online management api can also be used to manage server to server authentication by supporting:

  • Creations of Tenant Application Identity
  • Retrieval of Tenant Application Identity
  • Enable or Disable Tenant Application Identity.


Key points to note for API:


In my next blog posts I will cover:

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