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SQL Reporting Services SRS RP HTTP 500 Error When Browsing Reports Site

While trying to open the Report Manager site (http://localhost/reports) we were getting http 500 error.

While looking into the logs the exception thrown was

ERROR: System.Web.HttpException: Error executing child request for Error.aspx. —> System.Web.HttpUnhandledException: Exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown. —> System.InvalidOperationException: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.

To fix it you can update the reporting service web.config  with following key.

<machineKey validationKey=”AutoGenerate,IsolateApps” decryptionKey=”AutoGenerate,IsolateApps” validation=”3DES” decryption=”3DES”/>


Thanks to Andy for posting the solution.

SQL Reporting Services SRS RP HTTP 500 Error When Browsing Reports Site.

Thoughts on CRM Online 2015 Update 1 Official Pre-release Documentation

CRM Online 2015 Update 1 Official Pre-release

Tracking Email Activities in an Exchange Folder

What can be done?

· We can link up an Exchange folder to CRM Account, Opportunity etc records and any email dragged to that folder is auto tracked and linked in CRM

How to do it?

· Create a new exchange folder like you are used to off, to categorize mails. This time folder structure is more from Account/ Opportunity/ Contact perspective.

· Set it up to track a particular record in CRM (How? don’t know yet). Any mail dragged to that folder or routed to that folder through exchange rules will be auto linked to record which is linked to folder.


· This seems beneficial for Outlook power-users who are comfortable in Outlook premise and don’t have to move around to link the mails manually. It will save time and can be a selling point/ a good to have demo slide for this particular category of users.


· Right now it’s not an available feature but thinking about me makes me wonder what will happen if mail comes to 10 different users or a Delivery group and all setup similar rules? Will it create 10 copies of linked records?

Export CRM Online Data to Excel Online

They say that the export is smoother and seamless from CRM Online to Excel Online for better and quick analysis. I am waiting to see the changes.

Best part I can see is you can now export 100,000 records instead of 10,000. This is a welcome change. J

OneNote CRM Online Integrations

OneNote (my fav. Note taking tool which I haven’t seen being widely used outside a small Microsoft focused technical community) notes can now be linked to CRM records automatically (How? don’t know). Blog specifically mentions only Opportunity record. Need to see where else can we have that integration.

New CRM for Phone app which is closer to Tablet version.

Let’s face it, CRM for tablet itself is not there yet but it’s a fast changing world let’s see what Microsoft has in its bag for future release.


· Now you can pin the records you want and can see recently accessed records at one place. That’s something I see customer/ end users using very frequently.

· Assigning Default Entitlement to the case.

· Auto record creation moves beyond Services Module (i.e. case entities).

· Dynamics CRM Integration with InsideView.

MVC HTMLHelper Error

While starting with MVC one of the most basic error encountered is the one where using reference is missed for HTMLHelper class.

Below is the example of typical error.

System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper has no applicable method named ‘TextBox’ but appears to have an extension method by that name. Extension methods cannot be dynamically dispatched. Consider casting the dynamic arguments or calling the extension method without the extension method syntax.

To resolve this error you need to make sure you have added the namespace reference for “System.Web.Mvc.Html” to your files.

Where all that name space reference should be:

1. Web.Config of your Area. “<add namespace=”System.Web.Mvc.Html” />”

2.  View Page. “<%@ Import Namespace=”System.Web.Mvc.Html” %>”

3. Controller. “using System.Web.Mvc.Html;”


Attribute *** is a String, but a Memo type was specified.

Another error of the Day:

“Attribute *** is a String, but a Memo type was specified.”

While importing solution we got given error. This error signifies that the data type of Attribute mentioned on the given entity has been changed and CRM does not permit that.

Only solution for this problem is to delete the attribute.

If this is in a production system then you are in for a whole lot of work as you will have keep the data in some other field/flat file mapped to the record and re-import data so that there is no data loss.


OptionSetId cannot be changed. EnumAttributeInfo.AttributeDescription.OptionSetId

In CRM 2011, While merging some customization we were getting error  that OptionSetId Can not be changed. 

OptionSetId cannot be changed. EnumAttributeInfo.AttributeDescription.OptionSetId(2806db8c-368a-42d5-8cdd-b3d3538580de) != ab8567b8-9e4e-e411-af60-080027314af2


  1. For Fixing error first we need to find the optionset that’s changed. (In SQL Server Management studio run “select name from optionsetview where optionsetid = ‘ab8567b8-9e4e-e411-af60-080027314af2” where highlighted part is second guid in error)
  2. Remove dependencies in CRM like field on form, views and then delete optionset field.
  3. Re-import solution.

This I had to do couple of times as there were multiple optionsets that were deleted and recreated.

Thanks to Becky Cote for the solution.

Import Unmanaged Solution error OptionSetId cannot be changed.

Windows could not start the iis admin service on local computer

While restarting IIS I was getting following error

“The IIS Admin Service or the World Wide Web Publishing Service, or a service dependent on them failed to start.  The service, or dependent services, may had an error during its startup or may be disabled.”

Went to services.msc and tries starting “IIS Admin Service” and got following error:

“windows could not start the iis admin service on local computer”

“Specified file could not be found”.

To resolve this I followed given msdn blog.


1. Went to “C:WINDOWSsystem32inetsrv”, “MetaBase.xml” was missing

2. Went to History Folder “C:WINDOWSsystem32inetsrvHistory”.

3. Backed up the latest file and renamed it to “MetaBase.xml”.

4. Pasted file in “C:WINDOWSsystem32inetsrv”.

5. Went to Services.msc and started “IIS Admin Service” and it worked 🙂


CRM Online – Source CRM Version

While Exporting the solution in CRM Online there is a new option that shows “Source CRM Version”. As of now this particular option has two values 6.0 and 6.1.

  • 6.0 Signifies Dynamics CRM 2013
  • 6.1 Signifies Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1


Make sure that you are exporting the correct version as required in the target system otherwise it may lead to solution import failure.

HTML Web Resource in CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM HTML web resource we have Xrm.Page.context parameter from where you can get different information about your CRM/Page etc…


This gives an impression that we will have access to all other XRM scripting properties like etc… but that is not the case.

I was having requirement to get the record ID and found given msdn document. Which tells you can pass the records as parameters.

How to Do It:

Go to Web resource Properties in form Editor, Select given check box.


You will be able to get the record id in URL.

Pre Check Box Checked


Post Check Box Checked (there is a whole lot of stuff as given in msdn)


Fetching Data from Query String GetQueryString(“id”) will give you the record id. Similarly you can fetch other values as well.

[code language=”javascript”]
function GetQueryString(key) {
var resourceUrl = document.location.href;
var queryList = resourceUrl.split(/[?&]+/);
for (i = 0; i < queryList.length; i++) {
pair = queryList[i].split("=");
if (pair[0] == key) {
return pair[1];

FetchXML Report Record Count Limits Demystified – Reblogged

Having a record limit of 5000 on FetchXML improves performance becomes a pain when you are working with a FetchXML report in online.

Supposedly there in no such limit in when you are working with FetchXML report in online scenario. I tries it with 5000+ records and it worked fine.

Will try it out with 100,000+ records and let you know.

Azure: Possibilities Unlimited

For some one new to Azure, Azure just means bunch of cloud services provided by Microsoft which hosts some stuff that you can have on your local servers with more flexibility and control. Above definition can be seen analogues to calling Tiger Woods a guy who keeps hitting a ball with a stick.

Today having a Azure subscription is similar to having access to whole stack of Technologies (Microsoft) world has to offer. I have been hosting Couple of Dev VMs and services on azure for personal projects but those were more or less uploaded by me.

Its a surprise that till date I haven’t use any of the services provided by Azure. With launch of VS 14 CTP and not wanting to install it on my system it gave me an opportunity to experience the awesomeness Microsoft Cloud Platform has to offer.

You can simply get VS 14 CTP VM by following Simple Steps.

1. Sign in to Azure Portal.

2. Click new on bottom.


3. Go to Compute > Virtual Machine > From Gallery


4. Visual Studio > Select the version.


5. Follow through Navigation and you should be good to go with your VM up and running in some time.



Above is one of the examples of setting up your services with Azure. You can extend the limit with many non Microsoft technologies ranging from web services/apps like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.. to VM having SharePoint, Biztalk or Linux distros like Ubuntu, Centos, Suse etc…


Hope you are on Cloud 9 after this.