Month: February 2012

Unable to find module ‘mscorwks’

When you are trying to run “.loadby sos mscorwks.dll ” and get error Unable to find module ‘mscorwks’ then the most probable issue might be that your debugger is trying to break into the app before CLR is loaded. in that case you can run

sxe ld:mscorlib
and then
.loadby sos mscorwks.dll

and it will work.

other thing to notice is if you are having .Net framework 4.0 app then you should use
.loadby sos clr

Starting With WinDbg

Once you have installed “Debugging Tools for Windows” You are ready to go.

Not exactly 🙂

Whenever you load an executable and try to run a command you see error message on screen

“Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized”.

This means you have another 300 MB download on the way.

Download Symbols from “

and set the symbol path by setting the value of environment variable _NT_SYMBOL_PATH

This can be done in three ways.

1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System or Simply Right click “Computer” and open “Properties”

2. Click on “Advanced System Settings”

3. Create a new “System Variable” with Name “_NT_SYMBOL_PATH” and Value “SRV*C:Symbol*” (C:Symbol is where you extracted the symbols you downloaded)

Or you Can open command prompt (cmd.exe) and run


As my Friend Says : Hope it Helps 🙂