Month: June 2012

Microsoft Surface: Table or Tablet :-0

In morning when I first heard that Microsoft Showcased something called Microsoft Surface in the convention I was like Okay… they are trying to revive those big gooey Tables that they built with Samsung. I was confused Why’s so much hype about this Surface thing????? But when I saw a shared images of Surface on Facebook I was Awestruck…. Damn that thing is cute like Lumia 800/900. It looked good, actually it looked like Microsoft Engineers have put their brains in the design by keeping it simple yet elegant.
But now I am thinking is it a good step by Microsoft. Will their partner ecosystem feel sidelined and betrayed because Microsoft always worked on philosophy of Partners First?
Now jumping in market with their own Tablet (which is much better looking than any tablet in market) which can hamper the sale of partners and make them feel insecure. Is it a good step from Microsoft?
At first glance you think Microsoft is expanding but when you think deep you realize that it might backfire and push the manufacturers/partners towards Android/Chrome because Android/Chrome  are free of cost and customizable to the needs of Manufacturer.
Then again you are like nope Android/Chrome are way too immature products for serious businesses and enterprise.
Okay… May be now I get it… Microsoft is playing on the bet that Laptop/PC manufacturers won’t consider Linux, Chrome, Android as an option and go to Windows 8, but like Windows Phone if they try not to market this OS on Tablets then Microsoft has its own competitor out there and they can push hard for it until its widely accepted.
Nice Microsoft… Way to go…  Keep up the good work… You can give some tough competition to Apple and Droids in tablets.