Month: January 2013

Removing Checkbox from SharePoint 2010 List

If you want to remove checkbox from SharePoint 2010 List, Document library or List View webpart on a page and are confused How to do it, first of all welcome to the boat. Secondly, It’s really simple, It’s so simple that you will feel stupid in a couple of minutes to have searched for it onlineJ.

Open the “View” You want to modify. (Click on List/library option on top ribbon, Select View you want to modify (“PageView”), click on “Modify View”.

Scroll down to “Tabular View”

Uncheck “Allow individual item checkboxes”

You are done.

If you want to update it on a List view webpart.

Go to “Edit Webpart”, Select the view you just updated in previous section.

Clearing Sharepoint Designer Cache

Many times sharepoint designer gets stuck/ Considers checked out files as checked in or vice versa.

In most common scenario you’ll see a message like “Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer checked out or has been deleted.” while checking in a file.

The solution is to clear all the cache that SharePoint designer has stored on your machine.

For clearing that you can press Win + R and navigate to these two folders and delete all available files.

  • %APPDATA%MicrosoftWeb Server ExtensionsCache
  • %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWebsiteCache