Month: April 2014

Editing Quick Create Ribbon

You cannot edit quick create ribbon in CRM 2013 like you can do with form, home and sub-grid ribbon. You can neither disable it in supported manner nor can you remove Activities from it. You can not even add OOB entities which don’t support Refresh UI.



You can remove other entities from it like case, competitor etc…

To remove entities open the solution, Navigate to entity and deselect “Allow Quick Create”

Likewise you can add custom entities or refresh ui supporting entiries to quick create.

Error while Integrating CRM 2013 – SharePoint Online

While trying to integrate CRM 2013 Onpremise and Sharepoint Online we were getting following error.


“Validation could not succeed because the List component could not be detected.

Check that the URL is valid and try again. Click the following URL to verify:”

While we had done everything right and as suggested on MSDN but getting the error was frustrating.

To resolve the error we tried to set the “Display Mixed content” in IE Security settings to “Prompt” (as suggested in one of the blogs)

Also we added https://* to trusted site.

When nothing worked we tried going to fiddler on client to see if any request was being sent to SharePoint server from client side and noticed that the request which went was proceeded with a federated login request. Taking the hint from there we logged in to SharePoint from IE (in another tab so that there is an active session) and tried again. It Worked J.