Dependency Records Error while importing Managed Solution

Error While Importing Managed Solution in CRM 2011:


Found 2 dependency records where unmanaged component is the parent of a managed component. First record (dependentcomponentobjectid = a7f9b236-452f-e211-aa3e-00155dc87c5a, type = AttributeMap, requiredcomponentobjectid = 8d4b6bc4-b4ed-e111-aba2-00155d018410, type= EntityMap, solution = b18c1343-ea7f-4eaa-abf7-31d81ade819c).


The cause of above error it that there is custom Mapping between Managed Entity and Unmanaged Entity pre-existing in the system and system is not able to replace those mappings.

Resolution (More of a workaround):

  1. Unzip the managed solution.
  2. Edit customizations.xml, replace … tag inside with , Save.

    (Here you just removed all mappings)

  3. Zip the solution, Import it.
  4. Import Original Managed Solution solution. à Pay attention here you imported solution twice. Once without mappings, Once with that.

Thanks to Kjell L for the solution.

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