Performing Action in SharePoint Designer Workflow after Specific Time

For sending out a notification or Setting a field Value in SharePoint after a specific time or on a particular date (that you fetch from the List) easiest way to go around is create a SharePoint Designer workflows.

Here we’ll be setting Due Date Value Back to Blank.

Connect to Specific site in SharePoint Designer.

Click on Workflows in Left Nav.

Select the List you want to attach workflow to

Go To Initiate Form Parameters in Top Ribbon.

Add a New Field:

Set Value to ‘None’

Go to Find Interval Between Dates in Utility Section

Set it as “Find Days (or as appropriate) between Today and Current Item: “(by clicking fx J)

Go to Actions and Do Calculations (if You want to add more value to it )

Add Variable Created above with the value you need.

Then Pause for specific duration :

Go to Action and do Send Email or Set Field (action you want to perform)

Set your field to Blank Date field Created earlier

Save the Workflow.

Click on Workflow name in Navigation.

Select Start workflow automatically when Item is created

Save it and Publish it.

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