Step by Step guide to Styling Sharepoint Lists/Libraries Using Sharepoint Designer

Many Times there is requirement for Styling SharePoint items like Custom Lists, Document library, Pages etc… so as to Emphasize certain Data over other so that it is noticeable or to present it to end-user in such a way that it doesn’t appear to be a SharePoint listFor this requirement first thing is to identify what will be visible to end user. Is it a list or list webpart in a Site Page because in this approach when you’ll edit the list it will create XSLT on that particular page and won’t be visible elsewhere.

Here we are creating a Custom List ( Sample List).

And Add Few Columns to it. (say Employee Name, Comments, Performance etc…)

Employee name is a Single Line of text, Comments is a Multiple Line of text and Status is a Choice with 3 Values Met Expectations, Under Performed and Exceeded Expectations.

Once we’ve got this in place we will Remove title From Required list

and Modify this view to get the required fields in the view.

Now go to Site Actions and Edit Page in SharePoint Designer (and Then wait for it to load the site which will take long long time). Now on Left Pane select “List and Libraries” and from there Select Your List and Click DispForm.aspx in Main Area.

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